You can rely on Rez-Bear Propane to keep you and your family safe through unexpected storms.

Being from the North East, we know that storms can occur unexpectedly. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we recommend investing in a propane generator. At Rez-Bear Propane, you can rely on our team to keep you and your family safe through uncertain weather conditions. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will handle it all! We offer free estimates, consultations, installation and propane delivery services. We can install your propane generator directly to your home or business, which means you’ll have access to all of the essentials during a storm. Talk about a win-win! Check out our top list of reasons of why you should invest in a propane generator:

  1. Peace of Mind

You’ll no longer have to worry about losing electricity or having to power up your generator through a storm. Our backup generators will kick on automatically when the power shuts off. It’ll be like the storm never happened! You’ll have access to TV, the internet, water, heat, AC, and have fresh food in the fridge.


  1. 24-hour Emergency Delivery

Run out of propane? We offer 24-hour emergency delivery services to all of our customers. Our team of professionals can refill your tank and ensure that your generator will run smoothly during your power outage.


  1. Long Shelf Life

Propane lasts significantly longer than gasoline or diesel. You won’t have to worry about adding expensive stabilizers to protect your fuel. Our high-quality tanks will protect your propane and ensure its longevity.


  1. Environmentally-Friendly

Propane is safe for the environment. It produces far less pollutants (ex: carbon monoxide) than gasoline or diesel does. If a spill were to occur, which is highly rare, you will lose fuel via evaporation and will not have a negative impact on the environment.


  1. Can Survive Cold Weather Conditions

Propane generators can also withstand colder temperatures. You can rely on our backup generators no matter the temperature or the season. You can rest assured that our propane generators can handle any type of harsh weather condition.


Interested in purchasing a backup generator? Give us a call at (845) 791- 4GAS or visit for more information.