Install Your Propane Tank with Resnick Energy!

If you’re interested in ordering propane, you’ll first need to figure out what type of tank is best for your home. You can choose a tank that’s either above-ground or underground. Take a look at these key factors before deciding on which tank to install:

Above-ground Tanks

Price: Above-ground tanks are typically much cheaper to install than underground tanks. This price can fluctuate depending on what size tank you’re looking for. If you’re looking to purchase a propane tank for outdoor grilling or a fireplace, you will most likely need a 20-gallon tank. If you were to purchase one for your home, the size can range from 100 gallons to 1,000 gallons. Our professionals will work with you to decide which size tank will best fit your needs.

Installation: Installing an above-ground propane tank is an easy process. Our team will inform you of which permits, if any, are needed prior to installation. You should also keep in mind distancing requirements.

Safety: Above-ground tanks can be exposed to adverse climate conditions, which can degrade them a bit faster than underground tanks. If your home resides in a flood zone, we would recommend purchasing an above-ground tank, since the tank will be secured to the ground.

Underground Tanks

Price: Underground tanks are typically more expensive than above-ground tanks. Although the tank itself will be the same price, you should take into account the cost of installation, labor, and other special permits or requirements needed. If you plan on purchasing an underground tank, you should also consider budgeting for professional routine maintenance.

Installation: Our excavation and installation process will take a few hours. Keep in mind, you will need still need to obtain necessary permits prior to installation.

Safety: Underground tanks are extremely safe and are less prone to harsh weather conditions like above-ground tanks. Since propane is eco-friendly, surrounding soil would not be harmed if a leak were to occur.


If you’re in need of a propane tank installation, give us a call at (845) 791-4GAS. Our team of professionals are here to help. Visit to get started.