HVAC is essential to your home or business. Pay attention to these key warning signs.

Now that it’s almost summertime, many of our customers will be cranking up the AC to keep their homes cool. After months of not using your air conditioner, it’s common to run into some problems. Here are several warning signs that your HVAC system may need repair:

  1. Hot Air

If you’ve noticed your home’s vents are pumping out hot air even when the air conditioning is on, there may be something wrong with your HVAC system. It’s possible that the fan or the unit’s compressor is broken. This may require repair by a professional.


  1. Your Unit Turns Off

Normally, your air conditioner should continue running once you’ve set it to a certain temperature. If the unit turns on and off frequently, you may need to replace the thermostat.


  1. Strange Noises

If your system or vents are making abnormal sounds, it’s possible there’s something wrong with your AC unit. If you hear whistling, grinding, rattling, or buzzing you may need a system tune-up.


  1. Airflow Blockage

If some rooms in your home are more hot or stuffy than others, it’s possible that there’s a blockage in your air ducts. You should hire a professional to see whether or not there is a clogged filter, a broken motor, or a leak in your air duct.


  1. Humidity

It’s common to experience some humidity during the spring and summer months. If you notice an abnormal amount of humidity within your home you will most likely need an HVAC repair. Typically, your AC unit will regulate these moisture levels automatically.


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