We Can Keep Your Family Safe

Now that the spring season is finally here, we can look forward to enjoying warmer weather and fun outdoor activities. Many of us will be busy doing yardwork, entertaining guests, having cookouts and BBQs, taking a dip in the pool or even camping. These are all great ways to get the most out of your propane this season. Although propane is one of the safest fuel sources, here are some excellent safety tips to follow this season.

Propane Safety Tips


  1. Store Your Propane Outside

You should never store a propane cylinder inside. Avoid the common mistake of storing your propane in garages or basements. The safest way to store your tank is outside in a well-ventilated area. At Rez-Bear, we offer automatic delivery and 24/7 emergency service. Our trusted professionals will deliver your propane and ensure that your system is safe and secure.


  1. Be Aware of Gas Leak Odor

If you ever smell a “rotten egg” type odor, there could be a possible propane leak. If this happens make sure to turn the valve off right away and remove any open flame, as it can be extremely dangerous. Contact us at (845)-791-4427 if you are in need of emergency service.


  1. Clear the Area Around Your Propane Tank

You want to make sure the area around your propane tank is free from materials like wood or dry grass. These materials are easily flammable and should be at least 10ft away from your tank.


  1. Know How to Turn Off Your Propane

Make sure you and your family members know how to turn off your propane after use. This will help you prevent a dangerous gas leak.


  1. Install A Carbon Monoxide Detector

It’s important to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. These alarms will detect a possible gas leak. You should install these at least 5 feet above the floor or on the ceiling. We recommend installing these on every floor of your home.



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