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Are you considering installing a propane tank for your home? Look no further. Rez-Bear Propane offers the most reliable residential propane services throughout Sullivan, Eastern Ulster and Orange Counties. Propane is an extremely versatile fuel source and has a wide range of uses like heating, hot water, BBQ grills, generators, dryers, gas appliances, stoves, fireplaces and much more. Not to mention it’s safe, affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly! If you’re interested in setting up an installation, take a look at our checklist to help you get prepared.


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At Rez-Bear, we offer free estimates and consultations on all of our services. Our team of reliable professionals can assist you throughout the entire installation process. We’ll help you determine the appropriate tank size, placement, distance and permit requirements prior to installation.


  1. Prepare Your Indoor Appliances

When installing a propane tank, you first want to make sure that all of your propane appliances in your home are installed properly. They should be vented with the gas line running to the outside wall of your home.


  1. Prepare Your Outdoor Space

In order to install your propane tank, you should first prepare the ground of where you tank will be installed. It should be a level surface. Keep in mind, your tank will also need to be placed on top of gravel or cement base. Lastly, you will need to clear a path to the propane location that’s at least 5 feet wide. This will give us room for our tank mover to reach the propane location.


  1. Prepare for Installation Day

We recommend scheduling your tank installation on a day that you’re available to stay home. Our knowledgeable professionals can answer all of your questions, and can give you further instructions post installation.


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