These tips will ensure your propane-powered home is in tip-top shape for the colder months ahead.

Now that fall is right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plan for the colder months ahead. Preparing your home, propane tanks and heating system will ensure that you and your family stay warm during the fall and winter. Take a look at these helpful tips to prepare your propane-home for fall.

  • Clear the path to your propane tank

It’s important to clear a direct path to your propane tank so our delivery truck can reach it. We recommend cutting back any bushes or weeds that could be blocking the path. As a reminder, try to make sure there is enough room in your driveway for our delivery truck.


  • Refill your propane tank

If your propane tank is only a quarter full, it’s time to schedule a delivery.  We recommend refilling your tank before October when busy season hits. This will ensure you and your family will stay warm during those chilly fall nights.


  • Schedule a routine maintenance check

We recommend scheduling a yearly furnace and propane tank maintenance check with a professional prior to the fall season. They can check your heating system for any cracks, dents, corrosion or leaks. Routine maintenance can extend the system lifespan and ensure its functioning efficiently during fall and winter.


  • Check your propane appliances

If you own a propane gas stove, you may want to check your burners. The color of the flame can actually indicate whether or not your stove needs to be serviced. Typically, the flame is a blue color. If you notice that the flame is yellow or any other color, your air inlets could be clogged. We recommend calling a professional to detect if there are further issues.


  • Inspect your fireplace and outdoor vents

Prior to using your fireplace, you should check your fireplace for any blockages like leaves or bird’s nests. It’s important to clear out your fireplace to prevent a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.


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